C3 Lab Summer 2022 Wrap Up

The C3 Lab was busy with research and travel this summer! The semester ended with research presentations by the group at the UConn geosymposium. In May, Mary Grace and Teddy presented on Pliocene climate change at the European Geophysics Union in Vienna. Then, Mary Grace along with others in the Department of Earth Sciences joined GSA’s Thompson Field Forum in California to explore the topographic evolution of the Sierra Nevada. Shixiong traveled to Boulder, CO in July to consult with atmospheric chemistry and climate modeling experts at NCAR and CU-Boulder. And, Hamida also traveled west to attend the first PaleoCamp, which gives an overview of paleoclimatology from experts in the field. In August, Hamida and Mary Grace attended the CESM tutorial at NCAR in Boulder, CO. Finally, Mary Grace, Ran, and Clay went to the Galileo conference in Leeds, UK to discuss all things Pliocene.

Hamida at PaleoCamp