Paul Goddard

Former Postdoc

Earth Sciences


    Through the use of global climate models, Paul researches past, present, and future ocean circulation, ocean temperature, and atmospheric dynamics as they relate to global and regional sea level rise and climate change. His work has contributed studies regarding both the North Atlantic, centered on North American East Coast sea level rise and large-scale ocean circulation change, and the Southern Ocean, centered on a CO2-forced freshwater feedback that leads to subsurface ocean warming above the Antarctic shelf and the potential for land ice mass loss and global sea level rise. For his postdoc, he assessed South Pacific climate variability and its impacts on the western Antarctic hydroclimate by utilizing a water isotopic-coupled model and a high-resolution ice core record from the WAIS Divide site


  • Ph.D.: Geosciences at University of Arizona
  • B.S.: Environmental Studies and Mathematics at University of Cincinnati


Paul Goddard
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